Infrastructure Costs

Service Time Span Costs (EUR)
Hetzner June 20 2022 - June 30 2022 1.64
Hetzner July 1 2022 - July 31 2022 4.19
Hetzner August 1 2022 - August 31 2022 4.19
Hetzner September 1 2022 - September 30 2022 4.76
Mailgun Foundation Plan September 2022 8.8
KeyCDN credits N/A 44.55

*Any costs in USD are converted to EUR using the ration of 1.1 USD to 1 EUR.

A suggestion on this one, just to add to the transparency/ease of quickly looking at column III, would be to convert all of this to the same currency. Either:

  • better way in my eyes: we have all costs listed as how much they were when they hit the bank account in question, or
  • we decide on one currency and just convert everything.

We could represent everything in EUR. What exchange rate would we use, however? EUR/USD has been fluctuating (iirc).

The most accurate way would be to take the price paid on the day, work out what bundle of goods that buys in the country in question and adjust it based upon these changes up until the point where it needs paying back, at which point we would use an agreed-upon rate…

I joke. It fluctuated a decent amount for sure, but maybe the easiest is just to convert those USD to EUR, late 2021 it was 1.1+, now it’s 0.9/1 but either way it doesn’t require the reader to mentally adjust.

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