Forum Introductions

Please feel free to introduce yourself here (should you wish)!

Hi! I work for an enterprise software company. I think technology recasts power in new ways. I am concerned about the concentration of power over technology, held in the hands of a few.

One of my favorite animals is a duck.


Hello, I’m a coder for a multimedia agency, working across web and ‘experiential’ projects. I believe the corporatocracy of the internet is creating an intentional knowledge gap and am interested in re-introcucing people to the independent and open concepts of its earlier years.

I think my favourite animal is an otter.


Howdy, I work for a web search engine, formerly (for my sins) one of them blockchain companies (a foundation actually). I studied Economics at university and also have a deep interest in power, technology, and the way these two interrelate.

My favourite animal is probably my neighbour, Willow.


Hi, I’m a whistleblowing in tech researcher (currently writing up PhD thesis). I’m a business analyst and was previously a software engineer too…
This is my favourite animal…she’s a grumpy old girl, with a few medical issues. But she’s fighting on for now🐾


Hello chums, I’m a data visualisation developer, recently started at a co-operative, and do some work in the disability activism space. You might know me from UTAW.

My favourite animals tend to have six or more legs :bug::honeybee::spider:, although I am partial to a wombat.


So many cool people! Yikes! Hi!

I’m a longtime anti-capitalist DIY media activist and freelancer and one of my main sources of survival is facilitating learning programmes for a small non-profit, the FreeTech Project, which I founded way back in 2010.

I’m in Sheffield, England, and am passionate about technology and its potential for social good, and I’m currently using eOS on mobile and Manjaro on desktop.

That’s it, right? Oh crap no! Favourite animal! Um…maybe a giraffe? Though I’ve yet to meet one. Maybe I’d be disappointed?